Build 100 commin soon!


I have news about new coming update!

But first, I want told you, about new discord channel ;

New map Sandy Sunset

New map will be have 6x6 km playable landscape on desert with mountains!

Open field , a lot of villages and long road's with good place for snipers.

On new map, USA try capture secret insurgents object's, for control border.

And later defend Oil Storage from Insurgent's waves.

I give more freedom in urban warfare inside villages. Villages will be have more vertical levels for better parkour.

New NetCode coming soon in build 100

We still work on new Netcode. New Netcode will be support VDS/VPS/Server Machines for host own server with 128 players on one server;

We done foundation for netcode, and test in simple demo game with some physic object's. And new netcode can handle 4k messages per one second! It very cool result.

But we still have 2-3 big problems with new netcode. For fix problems we need some time, like 1-2 weeks;

Now we need adapt netcode for BATTLEBIT ;)

What remains to be done before the game in Steam?

Before upload game to steam, we need 100% finish:

New NetCode > VOIP > Better anti-cheat > Fix some bugs > Adapt game to SteamWorks > Made a great trailer.

More stuff for character customization

On next update, we add more cloth for character customization. Also for experiment, we will add camo and tattoo on skin/face

Also there are unimportant news, but check it pls:

1) VIP account for BattleBit giveway ;

2)Vote for change gameplay element's:

Need add class limit? ;

Need add Rally Point?

End of communication, see you in BattleBit ;)

Get BATTLEBIT [Beta closed, more info inside launcher]


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Make it free in Steam plz.