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I cant download it.

What is it so different from Unturned...?

Hardcore,Realism,TeamPlay,Fully FPS, Wind can change bullet curve, and more

So, is this for Mac or nah?

I tried to download it for the Mac but it wouldn't let me open the launcher. You can still try and download it but the results may differ.

I am trying to download for mac too and it is not working.

atm we work on Windows version 64 bit only. But in steam relase we add support MacOs and LinuxOs

is jule june or july?

Next Beta planned on July, but relase on steam will be in August

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ok i really want to try your game it looks so cool :) !

Also can i join the closed beta pls msg me back if i can that would be awsome!! :)

Join to our chat, for get last news ;)

I thought that we had a vote to see if it was pay to play or Free and the majority said Free...          But I saw you commented saying we will have to pay $2-6   WTF

it will be pay to play when game relase on steam

It will be free to play on this website by downloading the launcher and installing the game?

we use community for Beta Test. Before relase game on steam, we wil lbe launch new Beta on July until August.

What is Jule?

Atm we start private testing game. We get better optimization and better netcode. Game not available until Jule

long until the beta comes?

como consegue uma beta key?


when will the game come out or when the beta come out again


will the beta be free?

yes. Beta will be free

Will this game be free when it comes out

nope. But game will be cost 2-6$


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Will this game have suppressive fire mechanics?

And what about air vehicles?

1) idk about it

2) in future - we will be add air vehicles

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Dude why are you making people go through the launcher? I deleted the game the moment I saw I had to register without even playing... And that is how Ravenfield is where it is and you´re game is not.

I know that the Beta is closed and that I cannot play, but I didn´t knew that and got bored even without knowing it! Sorry for being rude but is the truth. Stop making hard for people to play your game.

We now reworking game. It take a lot time. I hope in July we will give to all player new better playable version

mac plz

after steam relase

does not work i tried to play and it said error and the games play and register and all was huge and you could not see anything anyone help me i want to play

beta closed


WOW this is taken form unturnd 


No its not, the art style is low poly. That does not mean its stolen from unturned....

How about you take a deep look at unturned and then come back too this game

Yeah i have played unturned. Literally anyone can model low poly assets, that does not mean its from unturned. Tell me, battlefield 4 has an ak74 in it. does that mean it was stolen from cod? no... its an art style


how i can get a serial key?

cant your game it re -pognin?

How can i play this game now? 

How can i get the key for play?

This game look's awesome!! 

good work really!!

Hello! Now oyu can't play, cuz we work on new netcode.

<font style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Join to our discord for last news about sharing key's</font>

Game looks sick, how much will it cost on steam when it comes out?

Basic price I hope make 4$ for USA

Now, its May/19, It's open beta... But where is the register.. What do you register with??


can youn make it so i can play at school and a non sine in vershion

fuck you guys whit your betakey

like you?

Where is Serial key I WANT TO PLAY IT plz


is it singleplayer with bots to? plz reply




This game looks amazing can't wait to play it.

Amazing graphics, art work and a really good weapon realism.

Keep up the great work hope to see future updates, good luck with that and have a nice day or good night depending on when you read this.

This game is pretty amazing i can't wait to see it on steam one day

Where I look for the key

Finding the serial key is realy boring.

Fuck yourself with that key !

Fuck it up, bitchis I lose half hour on this !

DONT TRY IT ! really

yeah it takes forever to get the serial key, and now they dnt even work. I was pretty upset about that

It will be available on linux

After steam relase we add MAC and Linux support


this game is awsome i supported it on steam even shared it i want it released :) and guys if u havve more games u would like to check it out thanks

what is the serial key :P

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