A downloadable game for Windows

BattleBit: a Low-poly tactical Shooter with hardcore elements. 64-128 player based server sessions, big maps, more weapons with customization and vehicles, 5 class, advance on realistic medic mechanics, team-play based gameplay and more wait you on BattleBit.

BattleBit features:
-Based fully Team Play Game Modes.
-Available to customize best attachments for your own playing style.
-Available to customize 3RP Character for the best type of your style.
-Based hardcore medic mechanics.
-There is the wind that effects bullet's velocity. Shooting, aiming etc get's effect by your stamina.


You can play on MAC with WINE EMULATOR!

Full support MacOS and Linux OS will be in steam relase ;)

Our website: http://joinbattlebit.com/

If you want get free BetaKey for game, join to forum http://forums.joinbattlebit.com/forumdisplay.php?f...

Also, join to Discord https://discord.gg/2ShT88G for get asses to servers;

Support game on Steam GreenLight http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...

News for 2 May:

We begin work on new netcode! In last test, netcode can send 4000 messages per second, and use 15%-30% CPU;

Also new big map coming to update:

More information

Published31 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date12 days ago
Tags3D, low-poly, Multiplayer, Shooter, Tactical
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesGerman, English, French, Russian, Turkish
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer, Ad-hoc networked multiplayer

Install instructions

1)Download game;

2)Install Launcher;

3)Wait for downloading last game update;


5)Make yourself account for game with BetaKey

6)Press Start


BetaLauncherReleased0.3v.rar (762 kB)

Development log


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does not work i tried to play and it said error and the games play and register and all was huge and you could not see anything anyone help me i want to play


WOW this is taken form unturnd 


how i can get a serial key?

cant your game it re -pognin?

How can i play this game now? 

How can i get the key for play?

This game look's awesome!! 

good work really!!

Hello! Now oyu can't play, cuz we work on new netcode.

<font style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Join to our discord for last news about sharing key's https://discord.gg/2ShT88G</font>

Game looks sick, how much will it cost on steam when it comes out?

Basic price I hope make 4$ for USA

Now, its May/19, It's open beta... But where is the register.. What do you register with??

here https://discord.gg/2ShT88G

can youn make it so i can play at school and a non sine in vershion

fuck you guys whit your betakey

like you?

Where is Serial key I WANT TO PLAY IT plz


is it singleplayer with bots to? plz reply




This game looks amazing can't wait to play it.

Amazing graphics, art work and a really good weapon realism.

Keep up the great work hope to see future updates, good luck with that and have a nice day or good night depending on when you read this.

This game is pretty amazing i can't wait to see it on steam one day

Where I look for the key

Finding the serial key is realy boring.

Fuck yourself with that key !

Fuck it up, bitchis I lose half hour on this !

DONT TRY IT ! really

yeah it takes forever to get the serial key, and now they dnt even work. I was pretty upset about that

It will be available on linux

After steam relase we add MAC and Linux support


this game is awsome i supported it on steam even shared it i want it released :) and guys if u havve more games u would like to check it out thanks

what is the serial key :P

noooooooo 20 may why

we need more time for made PERFECT netcode;

In test, server with 120 player -you have ping 60 ms;

We want make better ping ;)

hi developer can you add some bots and is this a 32-bit? can you pleas add bots without register make some offline please


I think you can check if it is 32 bit by opening task manager by holding either ctrl-alt-delete or holding ctrl-shift-esc

Go play to Ravenfield ;)

Its not very often that developers tell people to play someone elses game lol

kan are get are key


now we update servers and database. We close accept new players for long time;

do you guys need help with all the comments, and I can help with the English as well

Omg this game looks awesome. You guys should add exploding barrels. Wish you good luck on the game.


they should also add destructible things, but that would cause a lot of lag on low end computers (like mine)

Fuck this shit im out

Also everybody, dont download this. You have to join a forum and I guess their not gonna give more keys out. When you download it, it will ask you for a key. Just dont waste your time on this.

what if i dont want asses to server? :(


the fucks the serial key

Did you ban me from the forums? If you did, Why? If you didn't, Why can't I see the forum

I can't see the forums too and my account is activated, i need the free beta key :(

We have limit users on database...

And now we can't accept new users.

We start work on new netcode for steam relase

Bru make it for mac


bru get a pc noob

(Edited 1 time)

how to get serial key. plz your game is so fun and awsome

you will have to go to the Battlebit Forums (http://forums.joinbattlebit.com/portal.php) and go to the Key Request thread, though they are not giving more beta keys until they get new servers :(

Bru make it for mac


My latest gameplay vid (time to make some new :) )

Help! I have a game key, but when the download in the launcher of the game is over, it gives an error and does not end! Sorry for my bad english, I'm Brazilian.

(Edited 1 time)

You have to go in the Battlebit folder and run the Battlebit.exe not the BetaLauncher.exe

how to use .RAR file?

When Do The Servers Get Back?

It would really help if you turned the game into a .zip file... they are so much easier to use than .rar files... but I don't think you can make .zips a multiplayer game...

also a tutorial would be VERY helpful and MUCH appreciated!

can you guys please Add graphic options... i want to lower them so i can play properly

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